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Make your own iPhone App with AppMaker- Watch how (video)

AppMakr is a streamlined system that creates a native iPhone application out of your existing RSS feeds. You can customize elements of the app and the artwork and then submit it directly to the App Store. You can even embed ads from places like AdMob directly into the app.

MacLife iPhone App – Built By in 27 Seconds. from Daniel R. Odio on Vimeo.


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An Introduction to Social Media Optimization SMO

Social media, specifically focusing on the social networking sites, is rapidly becoming the staple form of content online – user generated content is also via An Introduction to Social Media Optimization SMO.

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Bloomberg Interviews Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore About Social Media [VIDEO]

Good all Pete!!

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The Fun theory by VW (Im loving this)

Great Viral videos, it shares a honest and fun insight.  Make sure to visit the site and enjoy all 3 videos..

Screen shot 2009-10-12 at 12.01.23 PM

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TwtPoll great for twitter strategies.

TwtPoll has a built-in option that allows poll respondents to retweet your poll question and in turn give your poll a wider audience.

Screen shot 2009-09-29 at 2.56.28 PM

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Social Media is not to be ignore by B2B.

I have always believe said “We have to learn to implement and embrace social media or else it would leave you behind”

Social media is another touch point for your next potential customers to find you while they are researching what their company wants and needs. Consider if your presence on a social media site could help you achieve your business goals.
Would a more personal online interaction help a potential customer reach out to you with questions or request a demo? Even though we are talking about B2B companies, each one is staffed with people. Those people spend time on social networks, blogs and forums researching and talking about every industry under the sun.
Traditionally the buying cycle in B2B takes longer. Having an open door of communication between the potential customer and your online community manager could be the determining factor when it is finally time to make a decision.
Listen first. Monitor social networking sites to see who is talking about your products, services and industry. The thing about social media sites is you do not actually control if your company is going to be discussed – the users of the sites decide. You only decide if you are going to be a part of the conversation.
By participating in social media you are potentially building trust online. The transparency of your company lowers the risk of your potential buyer.
Social media is increasingly becoming a core part of the research process for B2B purchases. Within social media sites you can converse, educate and build relationships with potential buyers. While researching products and services, users are getting more savvy and finding more and more information online. When someone is researching you and your company for their next large business purchase what do they find? Are you a part of the conversation?

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