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DDB Brazil’s 9/11 Ad: A World of Trouble – let me know what you think

05_Flatbed_1 - AUGUSTPhoto of lower Manhattan that was photoshopped to show many planes attacking the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The poster says The Tsunami Killed 100 Times More People Than 9/11.


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US consumer groups urge government to curb behavioural targeting

Consumers’ rights advocates are to recommend how the US government can better regulate behavioural targeting online as part of an attempt to curb the amount of information gathered about web users.

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China to launch overseas ad campaign

The Chinese Government is to launch an international advertising campaign this summer to reassure consumers of the quality of Chinese-made goods. In my opinion they could spend millions but could they really live to their promise and actually change perception. Doubt it!!!!

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Facebook rolls out more ad targeting tools as it reaches 250m users

Facebook has introduced additional targeting features allowing advertisers to increase engagement with users they have a relationship with and more easily branch out campaigns in multiple countries. 

Dont you love Facebook. They are taking over, they know to much about us!

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Twitter hack – future plans revealed

Twitter has seen the internet flooded with 310 of its most confidential documents including partner agreements, financial projections and security passcodes after it fell foul of hackers. 

Nice to know guys! personally is time for twitter to actually wake up from the cloud they are growing to fast but seem to be lost in the sky. This should NOT happen to site like Twitter.. 

. They need to take it to the next level or they will fade like Myspace… If they are on top they should make sure they plan correctly or else for being cocky they will end up going down.  


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Twitter targets $140m revenues by end of 2010

A financial forecast document dated February shows Twitter expected to make its first revenues in the third quarter of this year.

It put that quarter’s figure at just $400,000, but expected subsequent strong growth to have recorded cumulative revenues of $140m by the end of 2010
TechCrunch said its next post would cover how Twitter was planning to make its first revenues.

The document also predicted that Twitter’s user base would grow to 25m by the end of 2009, a figure which it has already exceeded.

By 2013 Twitter is projecting 1bn users and $1.1bn in profit, figures which TechCrunch comments are “too pie-in-the-sky to be useful”.

Having received 310 confidential corporate and personal documents of Twitter and Twitter employees, TechCrunch has already published a pitch document for a Twitter-based TV show. 

TV SHOW INTERESTING !!!! Could it be read more here

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