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Top 20 Social Brands of 2009 – What do you think ?

Vitrue’s Social Media Index (SMI) assigns brands and products a score based on overall buzz from status updates, videos, photos and blog posts. The company has tallied its results for 2009 and released its top 100 social brands based on index scoring, with last year’s winner — the iPhone — reigning supreme once again. TO SEE TOP 100 CLICK HERE

1. iPhone
2. Disney
3. CNN
4. MTV
5. NBA
6. iTunes
7. Wii
8. Apple
9. Xbox
10. Nike
11. Starbucks
12. NFL
13. PlayStation
14. Adidas
15. BlackBerry
16. Sony
17. Mercedes
18. Microsoft
19. Samsung
20. BMW


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Make your own iPhone App with AppMaker- Watch how (video)

AppMakr is a streamlined system that creates a native iPhone application out of your existing RSS feeds. You can customize elements of the app and the artwork and then submit it directly to the App Store. You can even embed ads from places like AdMob directly into the app.

MacLife iPhone App – Built By in 27 Seconds. from Daniel R. Odio on Vimeo.

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Great video parody on Cloud Computing

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iPhone App Addiction and “Apping” Make the Local News. See VIDEO

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I love to app my self… is all about the iphone….. TAKE  THAT BLACKBERRY

Screen shot 2009-10-14 at 10.53.12 AM

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I am T-Pain iPhone app is lots of fun

Screen shot 2009-10-05 at 1.05.23 PM

A few weeks ago, popular iPhone app developer Smule launched its I am T-Pain iPhone app. This wonderful little piece of technology gave you the ability to sing along to T-Pain tracks utilizing Auto-Tune. The result is a ton of fun.

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Apple to Launch New Touch-Sensitive Mighty Mouse

If you’re an Apple iMac owner, you’re probably familiar with the Mighty Mouse, Apple’s buttonless device launched in 2005. The iconic white mouse with the squeeze sensors and the tiny clickable track ball may have been a unique direction in mouse technology, but it has frustrated many Mac owners to no end – the track ball especially is susceptible to breakage and dirt accumulation.  Among the rumored changes: doing away with the track ball, utilizing touch-sensitive technology, and adding multipoint touch detection technology. Oh, and you might see this new Mighty Mouse before the end of this year. YESSSS

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2 Billion Apps Downloaded From the Apple App Store. Take that BLACKBERRY

iphone_3gsWhen it comes to big numbers, Apple is never shy. And they’ve got every reason to be proud about their App Store figures; before the iPhone, smartphone manufacturers cared little about third party applications; now, they’re a huge market.

Of course, those 2 billion apps don’t directly translate into revenue, as many of them are free, but the ratio of free to paid apps is now looking pretty good; for example, AdMob’s estimate is that 1 in every 4 downloaded apps on the iPhone has been paid for. Now take into account those blooming iPhone sales, and you’ll find that Apple, indeed, has a lot to be happy about.

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Microsoft rumoured to be launching iPhone killer jajajaja  

Sounds like when I saw Microsoft rumored to launch iPod killer.

My question is simple,  who that you know owns a ZUNE ?


The reports indicate Microsoft wants to revitalize its lagging mobile business by taking on the big guns, the iPhone and Google’s Android phone, which recently shifted 1m units in the US.

Microsoft’s smartphone is said to incorporate its Zune mp3 player and Window’s Mobile software, with hardware made by a third party manufacturer, likely Taiwanese company HTC.The new Microsoft phone is also said to integrate Windows Marketplace, similar to Apple’s App Store from which users can download various applications for phones for a small fee.


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