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I am David Muñoz,  “Creative Strategist and Marketing Innovator”  

By providing strategic thinking and translating it into clever, witty creative executions across multiple media platforms, I can increase sales, the market,  and mind share.When I combine my field knowledge with the opportunity to inspire change and innovation, I create messages that not only connect but build relationships.

My passion is to truly understand my client’s business and goals, with my unique background that consists of client services, strategic planning, and consumer insight development. 

I enjoy mixing my creative side with my strategic thinking. It is only then that I understood the differences between communicating and connecting; when I learned that our motivations as humans are functional and emotional and that our needs and wants as consumers will always drive our actions and control our behaviors.



2 Responses

  1. Liberty says:

    Hell. I’m impressed.

    • dmcsblog says:

      Thank you, Im glad that you are impressed. Its currently a work in progress.
      Make sure to visit my blog for future posts.

      David M

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