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What is next for the web?

1. The Web Will Be Accessible Anywhere

A couple of years down the road, people will wonder how we managed with laptops disconnected from a Wi-Fi or 4G signal.

2. Web Access Will Not Focus Around the Computer

Computers will only be a small percentage of how we use our web. We’re going to be accessing it from nearly every device and appliance we own.

3. The Web Will Be Media-Centric

Touchscreen interfaces simply make it easier to bring up images, videos, music, and other multi-media. It’s not about keyboard commands, but about apps, drag-and-drop, and having an immersive experience.

Voice-to-text technology will be a major part of the media-centric web. Soon, it’ll be accurate enough to be a viable replacement to our keyboards.

4. Social Media Will Be Its Largest Component

We’re social creatures, so it was only a matter of time until we figured out how to make the web an efficient medium for communication, sharing, and forging friendships. Now that we’re finally implementing the social layer though, it’s tough to find a scenario where the rise of social media doesn’t continue. Like I say WE MUST EMBRACE SOCIAL MEDIA

When you access the web, most of the time you spend will be to connect with your friends. Almost all of that will be on social networks and through social media. It will be the #1 reason why we ever pull out our phones, tablets, or computers.

Open source we application will continue to grow and change the way we see and build web.


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